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Energy Audit

Walk-Through audit, standard audit and Investment grade audit


Energy Audit

Under the Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation 2008, any installation used, worked or operated by a private installation licensee with a total net electrical energy generation equal to or exceeding 3,000,000 kWh over any period of six consecutive months are obligated to appoint or designate a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM).

Our in house REEM has registered under the Energy Commission to assists those who have affected.


Walk through audit

2. Standard / Comprehensive audit

Investment grade audit

Report submission on efficient management of electrical energy

Implementing energy saving measures

Suitable for:

Electrical utilities

Building infrastructure

Commercial complexes (shopping malls)

Heavy industries (cement, steel semiconductors)


Category of Energy Audit

Generally energy audit at industrial or building facilities necessitates high level of due care and diligence and therefore a structured management approach is mandatory to ensure all intended outputs from the audit are achieved regardless who is performing it. Energy audit covers these two:

  1. General energy management which includes overall energy management system or practice and the efficiency of the plant with information supply, consumption and losses ; and
  2. Facts finding on items to be improved in general management and energy using equipment or system

Level 1
Walk-Through Audit

  • Walk through familiarization
  • Desk top analysis
  • Generate energy intensity
  • Recommend “no-cot” ESM
  • Written report with board conclusion

Level 2
Standard Audit

  • Follow up from Level 1 audit where available; a comprehensive audit
  • A minimum 7 days logging and metering on major energy consuming equipment of building services or industrial equipment/systems
  • Review system design, instillation, operations and maintenance
  • Detailing system energy inputs and energy use
  • Identify sources of inefficiency
  • Compute BEI or Specific Energy Consumption Index
  • Generate load apportioning
  • Provide Energy Performance Indicators
  • Recommend “no-cost”, “medium cost” and “high cost” ESM
  • Written report and presentation

Level 3
Investment Grade

  • Inclusive of all scope of works of Level 1 & 2 with the exception where only EA on specific systems are requested
  • A minimum of 14 days logging and metering on major energy consuming equipment of Building services or Industrial equipment / systems
  • Detailed review of processes
  • IEQ audit, if required
  • Comfort study, if relevant
  • Detailed recommendation on comprehensive ESM
  • Detailed investment plan using NPV methodology against life cycle
  • Include Indoor Air Quality report to ensure system is not affected (if chiller audit)
  • Written report and presentation

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