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First Step

Design every installation to maximize energy output

Factors like the weather, soil, wind, topography and local irradiance are important considerations when designing the plant, selecting technology and configuring systems.

Second Step

System Installation and Integration

We provide customized services to install, integrate, test and commission the Solar PV System upon completion of civil works with the best value and terms.

Third Step

Power Quality Study, Monitoring & Management

Our in house certified engineers will be able to provide comprehensive consultancy services for the energy audit, endorsed by a qualified engineer.

Internet of Energy & How It Works

The technology & big data analysis is driving a rethinking of internet of energy by focusing on creating energy saving strategies and providing sustainable water supply through the

  • SCADA Server / Cloud Solution – analytical ecosystem deployed as per customer request
  • Internet of Energy (IOE) Ecosystem Architecture – monitoring and analytical architecture consulting
  • Analytics Solution – sensory analytics, data science, applications analytics, optimization & control scheme

Our IoE is a joint development with TNB Research utilizing Intel’s IoT solutions

Custom Mobile App & Hardware Prototyping

Enersis is also app developer who build Android apps, hardware and sensors prototyping for easing your business operation and / or specifically energy management. The mobile apps we built are more than an app, it is a customized solution, a lifestyle high performance toolkit for your electrical system.

Looking for Project Management?

We can help manage a project from start to end, carefully planning and executing the project while looking out for common mistakes during the construction and installation period, all done within the stipulated timeframe. Learn more.

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Looking to reduce the cost of electricity for your factory or plant? What if we told you that you can save up to 50% off your monthly electric bill by installing solar pv system, at 0 upfront cost?

Ken Founder

We've customised a real time alert system that sends an SMS message informing the system owner of any faults. A very crucial feature for Solar Farm owners because every minute of downtime equals to loss of revenue. Speak to us today!

Ken Founder

Due to the vast distances between each monitored point, the digital power meters were customized and fitted with a long range WiFi module which transmits real time information to a dedicated server that is accessible online.

Ken Founder

The dangers of electricity are often underrated due to lack of awareness. How many of you actually know that the high tension lines that runs high above on transmission towers has NO insulation on them ? And mind you, they're running on voltages from 11,000V up to 500,000V on some places.

Ken Founder
What are the benefits of IEDs? + -
  1. Check TNB metering (class 0.2 accuracy) for all parameters (KWh, KW MD, Power factor)
  2. Power Quality Monitoring (sags, swells, interruptions/outage)
  3. TOU (Time of Use – peak/off peak clock)
  4. Maximum Demand predictive algorithm for controlling
What ENMS can do for you? + -
  1. Check accuracy of TNB metering/billing.
  2. Comprehensive basis for Energy Management actions.
  3. Customize scheduled reports for Accounting & Finance, Predictive & Preventive Maintanence and Operation Personnel
Electricity bill factors? + -

Users are charged for:

  1. Total consumption (KWh)
  2. Maximum Demand (KW)
  3. Power Factor – better than 0.85 for LV/MV or 0.9 for 132 kV.

NB1: Customers with Tariff C1, C2, E1, E2 and E3 will have Maximum Demand (Kehendak Maksima) in their bill.

NB2: Users in Malaysia are charged for Renewable Energy Levy for those consuming higher than 100KWH (1.6% of their total charges)

How to reduce the energy consumption? + -
  1. Energy profiling through ENMS (Determines operational characteristics of your usage)
  2. Provide a basis for efficient energy management
  3. Identifies energy wastage to optimize energy consumption
electricity vector background

We specialized in power quality and energy management

Generally it is all about activities to use energy efficiently within an organization. When being implemented, it has great impacts on business operations and financial saving.